In 1989, Barbara Koscak, a recognized leader in education, was invited to the White House by President Ronald Reagan and awarded the Federal Aviation Administration's National Educator of the Year Award. The President selected her because of her ability to excite her students to learn Science, Math, Engineering and Technology (STEM) and to develop their potential for challenging careers. Knowing that all children love airplanes, she had created a curriculum built around space and the physics of flight – a curriculum that was "hands-on, minds-on."


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STARBASE Indiana is a premier educational program, sponsored by the Department of Defense. At STARBASE Indiana students participate in challenging "hands-on, minds-on" activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students interact with STEM professionals to explore careers and observe STEM applications in the real world.

The program encourages students to set goals and achieve them.

                     fort wayne

Located at the 122nd Fighter Wing Air National Guard Base in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Programs seek to engage students through the inquiry-based curriculum with its "hands-on, mind-on" experiential activities.



Located at the Indiana National Guard Headquarters-Stout Field in Indianapolis, Indiana. Going after the goal to motivate students to explore STEM as they continue their education.


                      South Bend

Located at the South Bend National Guard Armory in South Bend, Indiana. Teaching our teamwork mentality as students work together to explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate concepts.



Why starbase?

DoD STARBASE offers a positive, proven approach to engendering excitement and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).


"I think my favorite part of STARBASE is learning about all the chemical and physical changes; and doing all the experiments." -

Melissa, 1.0 STARBASE


122nd Fighter Wing

Stout Field

South Bend Armory






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Mission Statement: To expose our nation’s youth to the technological environments and positive civilian and military role models found on Active, Guard, and Reserve military bases and installations, nurture a winning network of collaborators, and build mutual loyalty within our communities, by providing 25 hours of exemplary hands-on instruction and activities that meet or exceed the National Standards.

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Fort Wayne  (260) 478-3712

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