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‚ÄčWe hope that you will consider STARBASE Indiana Inc. for your charitable giving and/or direct financial contribution. All donations are tax deductible to our 501(c)(3).If you would like to help STARBASE in anyway please contact the Executive Director and ask how you can help STARBASE Indiana. Sponsorships opportunities are available for summer camps and outreach programs. Volunteer or In-Kind ContributionsIf you would like to lend your expertise, volunteer as a speaker, and/or donate supplies or equipment please contact the STARBASE Indiana main office at(260) 478-3712 Here are a few (but certainly not all) of the areas where we could use your help:     - Student Interns: that's right! College credit through your university courses for STEM hands-on, mind-on learning.     - Mentors, especially with robotics experience, for the programs training will be provided)     - Guest speakers, especially if you work in a STEM field (this can be in-person or via videoconference)     - Technical support (troubleshooting computer hardware and networking, website maintenance, etc.)     - Teaching assistance (distributing supplies, answering questions during activities, prepping for the next activity, cleaning glassware after experiments, etc.)     - Business support (grant writing, event planning, marketing, etc.)  We thank you for your support! 

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