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Fort Wayne STARBASE 2.0 continues the positive impact of STARBASE 1.0 to 5th graders in our classrooms, by extending learning in an afterschool STEM leadership approach with exciting hands-on, minds-on activities for 6th-8th grade middle school students.


STARBASE Indiana leaves the building! STARBASE 2.0 takes place in local partnering schools, combining STEM activities with goals of completing specific, exciting projects. Students meet once a week, after school for two hours, for ten weeks in an encouraging, team-building, highly structured environment. Each host school provides a teacher on site to serve as the program representative. Team Leaders serve small groups of four to five students each. Team Leaders are chosen from STEM professions, local colleges and universities, and other fields of study that encourage team building, individual character building and task focus which leads to better educated career choices.


Staff provides training, curriculum, and the hands on resources needed for specific project completion. Some of the projects include launching a high altitude helium balloon with on board cameras recording experiments students build. Another project might include working together as a team to build a sustainable, colony on Mars. Students use authentic, CAD software, used by engineers worldwide, to design a robot that will help them solve real life problems. We also will be offering a program with new, state of the art MOSS robotics that will teach computer programming and task challenges.


STARBASE 2.0 is a structured program of fun! STARBASE 2.0 is provided FREE of charge! Students will not only learn the ability to solve problems as a team, present proposals, experiment, learn from failure as well as successes and budget materials; they will also learn to communicate their results and findings to the large group at



"There are not enough words to express my gratitude to be part of this adventure." - Jodi, STARBASE 2.0 Teacher/Mentor


"It was a great experience for all involved."- Emmaus Lutheran


"I just think it is a great program! I am glad I got to be involved in the first semester and look forward to the next." - 2.0 Participant



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