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STARBASE 2.0 has a unique program design, incorporating elements of team mentoring, school-based mentoring, and after school programming. This program, designed for Middle School students, meets once a week for 10 weeks, 2 hours a day, at your school. Each program takes a deeper dive into one particular topic. Interested teachers can either choose one of our current programs or work with our instructors to design a new, custom experience.

Our current programs include:

* Advanced Robotics and 3D CAD

* CSI Forensics

* High-Altitude Balloon Experiments

and many more!

Please contact your nearest STARBASE Indiana Academy for details on the programs offered or to schedule your class.

Team mentoring refers to a group setting where the youth to adult ratio is relatively low, with less than five youth to one adult. School-based mentoring describes one-on-one mentoring that usually takes place within a student's school day on the school grounds. After school programming refers to extracurricular activities that generally occur on school grounds after regular school hours.

CFI2 Robot Rescue- Final Challenge.JPG

The combination of these types of programs provides a highly safe and structured environment that supports school goals, fosters peer relationships, and appeals to non-traditional mentors The unique combination aligns with the intended outcomes of the program to increase STEM interest and knowledge, reduce high-risk behavior, increase engagement with school, and increase career awareness.

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